Friday, September 17, 2010

Classic w- Styling Summer Clothes Contest

I'm sorry I didn't get to post this the other night, but I've just been slammed and have been trying to catch up in both SL and RL with all my lessons and work and customers.

So on wednesday I walked the runway in CWS's Styling Summer Clothes Contest. I was attaced by the Lag Monster again, and I thought for sure he had messed things up for me again. But the judges didn't see it. My Score was 43 again, and I was misunderstanding the scoring points I was thinking this was 43 out of a 100, but it in fact is 43 out of 50 points. So I'm not so discouraged as I now understand the scoring level's. I did improve on hitting my marks better, and I think I've gotten better on my description of my outfits and why I choose them, because it has not come up since mondays contest.

The competition was so awsome, there was full length summer gowns, party dresses, and the relaxed look's of country girls and even a fourth of July cheerleader. Congratulations to Diana Balhaus, and Ladysunfire Erin.

Diana looked wonderful in her summer dress, and took 1st place in the contest.

Ladysunfire was ready for her formal summer event in her full length green sequin dress and took 3rd place.

Summer Cloths Contest Winners
1st - Diana Balhaus
2nd - Adrianna Applewhyte
3rd - Ladysunfire Erin
I was stunned when I was announced as the 2nd place winner and still am. I don't know what I did yet that changed between the High Boots's contest and Summer Cloths Contest except maybe that there was less contestants. lol. My over all score was the same and my descriptition was simular in style and length. But I'm happy to accept the 2nd place position and hope I keep improving my skill's. (^_^)

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