Saturday, September 25, 2010


OMG! Okay first I'm sorry I messed up the Beach formation everyone. I was all turned around and had a dyslexia moment. I was so worried I mess up in the Dome, that I messed up on the Beach. So I appologize to my classmates and the staff for that.

Lastly was anyone else waiting for the Manditory poses for the Dome? I think I missed the command for the manditory poses I was watching Chel and then I noticed the praises from Taby was coming and thought okay I missed that. lol

But It sounded like we are doing good. So Congrats to my Classmates and too our Instructors for a job well done.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Video's and Slide Shows = Discouragement....


So I've been trying to add a gadget for Youtube and another video gadget, but I always get the message "Gadget is broken" message. So maybe I'm doing something wrong, and appeal to my fellow blogger's and ask for help. I have made a video slide show of CB Design's Fashion Show. I've been trying but I have not had any success. So please let me know your Idea's and post your response here. Thank you.
 For Now please enjoy my Video of CB Design's Fashion Slide Show.

P.S. I Do not recommend full screen version as the pictures get a little distorted, Thats why I want to get the Youtube Gadget. lol

Friday, September 17, 2010

Classic w- Styling Summer Clothes Contest

I'm sorry I didn't get to post this the other night, but I've just been slammed and have been trying to catch up in both SL and RL with all my lessons and work and customers.

So on wednesday I walked the runway in CWS's Styling Summer Clothes Contest. I was attaced by the Lag Monster again, and I thought for sure he had messed things up for me again. But the judges didn't see it. My Score was 43 again, and I was misunderstanding the scoring points I was thinking this was 43 out of a 100, but it in fact is 43 out of 50 points. So I'm not so discouraged as I now understand the scoring level's. I did improve on hitting my marks better, and I think I've gotten better on my description of my outfits and why I choose them, because it has not come up since mondays contest.

The competition was so awsome, there was full length summer gowns, party dresses, and the relaxed look's of country girls and even a fourth of July cheerleader. Congratulations to Diana Balhaus, and Ladysunfire Erin.

Diana looked wonderful in her summer dress, and took 1st place in the contest.

Ladysunfire was ready for her formal summer event in her full length green sequin dress and took 3rd place.

Summer Cloths Contest Winners
1st - Diana Balhaus
2nd - Adrianna Applewhyte
3rd - Ladysunfire Erin
I was stunned when I was announced as the 2nd place winner and still am. I don't know what I did yet that changed between the High Boots's contest and Summer Cloths Contest except maybe that there was less contestants. lol. My over all score was the same and my descriptition was simular in style and length. But I'm happy to accept the 2nd place position and hope I keep improving my skill's. (^_^)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Classic With Styling Nice long Boots Contest

Tonights theme at Classic With Style was Nice Long Boots. I spent just about all morning and afternoon prepareing for it, and I have to say if the best I can do is increase my score on the runway, by 10 points then I expect to never win or place in any of these contest. And thats okay, but tonights problems I was dealing with really sucked! I was attacked by th LAG monster he snagged me on the way out and again on the way back in to the back stage. From now on I will not only post the picture of the winners, but I will post my own pictures of those in the contest including myself. You will find pictures of all other models too the left of the page, and of myself too the right of the page.

Go Go Dancer contest results.

Congratulations to the winners of the Go Go Dancer Contest

1st Place:Mali Taurus
2nd Place: Didier Rascon
3rd Place: Ajay Xigalia

Well I did not win or place in the Go Go Dancer contest. My score was 33 out of a 100. I'm very disappointed because I really tried to bring out the best in my knowledge of dancing in Second Life as my previous 2 avi's were dancers and I even was the Lead Dancer for 2 clubs. I taught the art of exotic dancing, but I also restrained myself because I did not think a exotic dancer should emote in a fashion show. I gave a pretty good explaination of my choice of my outfit, but it was a key note from the judges that I had not emphansised on the dress enough. I listed every article of clothing I was wearing, and described how the deep plunging sequine neck line went from my cleavage to my belly button exposing then without revealing my breast, and how the skirt length was cut mid thigh to reveal my shapely legs and my boot was tightly laced up so I could go wild on the dance stage. And my poses were smother and my last set, I added a disco dance move to the set to show off a little of my wild side.

But it appears that my descriptive note is what was my down fall. I'm going to have to set my in game mode to busy in the future while I write these discriptions. I know that may dissapoint my friends that have relied on me to provide them with answers and landmarks and notes from class and info on events, but I really thought I was getting to understand the way these contest were going. I guess I was wrong. I don't blame anyone but myself for this, so don't feel any of you participated in this, I have so much going on at once and I'm always on call In the Real World so I easily get distracted.

The Winners of last night contest really were awsome, and I knew the two male models would defiantely win something, it was just a matter of which of the female models would be in there with them. Something must have really caught the Judges eye to place the female model above the 2 male models cause to be honest I thought for sure, the guy dressed as a Spartan would have won. 

Monday, September 13, 2010

Go Go Dancer Addie (^_^) lol

So I'm all set and using the tools and instructions that the wonderful instructor's have given me, I'm going to enter the Go GO Dancer event tonight at Classic w- Style Simply the Best contest. Wish me luck. (^_^)

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