Sunday, October 3, 2010

What a Great Weekend!

Thursday, I was in the Glamour Magazine October Finalist Contest.

Friday I graduated along with Sid, Bridget and ChelleBby!
My SL sister and uncle made it out to see me graduate Friday night and even Jas came to watch. (^_^)
Sid was named Valedictorian and Bridget won the Blogger Contest. (^_^)

Then Saturday at the JayGee Fashion Show I was chosen to be one of the three models to appear in Classic With Styles Youtube video. (^_^) it was lots of fun. So watch for me in October's Glamour Magazine and Video.

I've opened a Profile Photo Studio and Advertisement agency with VictoriaAnn, and Bridget has open a Talent Contest Club, and has offered to let me set up next too her club, and I have two Ad Customer's though I have offered the advertisement for them free of charge, because I use the Texture company for background's and he is wanting to let me set up at his place too. It's funny how I seem to have great friends that want me too set up my studio with them at their store's. (^_^)

I'm also Advertising for Classic With Style, and I hope visitor's will find CWS and increase visitors to the events and contest. (^_^)

Sunday I woke up and found I had retaken the lead in the Ms Beautiful 2011 contest from Victoria, with over 1500 votes. (^_^)

Well I'm off to bed and I plan on being in the Classic With Style Styling Winter outfit contest tomorrow afternoon. So wish me luck (^_^)

Oh Check back in, I plan on making a new video to post soon with every contest outfit I have worn over the last month with my new looks, Anrol helped me out with. 

Lastly, Kisses and Hugs too Aisling for the great Graduation gifts!
Thank you sweetie I love them very much and I'm wearing them almost all the time. (^_^)