Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friendship renewal and Major injury

Hi everyone, sorry for my meltdown a few weeks ago. Seems SL may have played part of my recent issue's and everything has been cleared up now. Bridget has renewed our friendship and She and her Boyfriend have started a basic Modeling school Sponsored by CWS and now by Cute But Deadly Art and Photography Mall.

And My not being called out for the 2nd pass of the Styleing Fashion Show was due to Chat Lag, thanks to Second Life I was dropped from the contest because I failed to come out when I was announced, So I did not recieve a score.

Now for the Major injury report.
On November 19 2010, While at work, I received a major injury when the reflector from a light fixture fell out of the lightpole I was working on in RL and landed on my right hand and sliced it open and broke the tip of my thumb. I recieved 8 stitches and have a splint over my right thumb and will be temporarely out of commision for about 4 weeks. I have told Anrol of this injury and she understands and has given me leave of my modeling until I have recovered. I will be around, but I will not be participating as I can not use my thumb right now, and cannot operate my mouse as easily as before.

For the mean time I will be working on my photography skill's and my Artistic Mall.
Cute But Deadly Artistic Mall. I will still offer my services to all Models of CWS and now Virtual Modeling School. But be warned Models I will recover from my injury and will return to competition as soon as I have full operation of my hand's again. (^_^)

Hugs and Kisses


Friday, November 12, 2010

Dear Follower's

Well I think I'm going to give up and crawl into a corner and fade away. First my best friend stopped talking too me and then she and her boyfriend disolved thier friendship's with me.

Now while I have been trying to get over this blow, other's seem to have distanced themselves from me as well. I feel invisible until I make a mistake. Tonight I participated in the styling fashion show and made a mistake. Then it seemed like while in the middle of the show, I became invisible even in the show. I was not called out for my second pass, and even when I answered that the model being called out was not present in the back, I received no reply that I was the only one left in the back of the stage.

I really have no idea what I have done to receive this treatment. If I have done or said something to anyone to be treated like I do not exist, I wish they would come forward and tell me.