Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Recovery Update and My Return too The Styleing Stage!!!!

Hello Angel's!!!! (^_^)

Well it's been almost 2 weeks since I attempted to amputate my right thumb from my hand via a light pole. Hahaha! Have too laugh about it cause it's too crazy of a incident not too laugh. I was told it was a 1 in a million type of an accident. I just wish it was the lottery instead. lol

So My stitches came out on Monday. I have regained about 60% of the usage of my hand and full recovery of the rest of my fingers on my right hand. I still have a broken thumb, but it's only the tip of my thumb. So I only have to wear a thumb restraint for 3 more weeks while I work and do activities.

Now for my announcement of my return too the Stage!!!

I was looking ahead and I see that next week has a theme Music and Hollywood Celebrity's... Though I would just absolutely love to be in both events I have RL Dinner Date with my fellow coworkers on Wednesday, so I will return to the stage On Tuesday and all I'm saying is White Diamond's..... lol.

I have missed a few things, but I have been keeping up on the goings on's these last 2 weeks at Classic With Style, and I'm very excited for the Ms June and Ms December winners. Congratulations!!!! (^_^)

Okay, So expect too start seeing me hanging around in the audience the next few days as I check up on you and cheer you on.

P.S. The Victoria Secret Fashion Show NYC 2010 Was Excellent!! The models and Katey was awesome!!!!

Big Hugs and Kisses Too all!!!