Friday, November 12, 2010

Dear Follower's

Well I think I'm going to give up and crawl into a corner and fade away. First my best friend stopped talking too me and then she and her boyfriend disolved thier friendship's with me.

Now while I have been trying to get over this blow, other's seem to have distanced themselves from me as well. I feel invisible until I make a mistake. Tonight I participated in the styling fashion show and made a mistake. Then it seemed like while in the middle of the show, I became invisible even in the show. I was not called out for my second pass, and even when I answered that the model being called out was not present in the back, I received no reply that I was the only one left in the back of the stage.

I really have no idea what I have done to receive this treatment. If I have done or said something to anyone to be treated like I do not exist, I wish they would come forward and tell me. 

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